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  • Natural swimming pools: Consist of a cristall-clear creak running through our reserve terrain. Maximum depth lies around 1,20 meters and minimum depthbetween 0,20-0,40 meters.
  • Beaches: During the low water season visitors may enjoy various enormous and white sand beaches in front of the visitors center on the Javarí river.
  • Canoeing & Kayaking: The RESERVA NATURAL PALMARI owns various native canoes of different sizes and professional kayaks.
  • Traditional fishing: The traditional fishing gear will be provided by the RESERVA NATURAL PALMARI for free. Fishing with any kind of net, strings, poison, harpoon or other is strictly forbidden.
  • "Jungle-challenge": Hike or row into the jungle and spend a night in a hammock.
  • Water-ski: The skiing gear must be provided by the skiing visitor/guest and is only allowed on the open lakes and/or "Javarí" river during the high water season.
  • You may design and obtain your own tatoo applied by means of natural pigments (Huito, Achiote, etc.), which will last only between 8 and 20 days on your skin.
  • Observation of the two species of sweet water dolphins, (Boto) Innia geoffrensis and (Tucuxi) Sotalia fluviatilis from the visitors centre, reserve terrain, boats, canoes and/or kayaks.
  • Birding: May be done from the visitors centre, the marked and un-marked trails as well as from the boats, kayaks and canoes.
  • Observation, catch and release of the various species of krokodiles: May be done from the lodge terrain as well as during boat excursions at night accompanied by a skilled guide.
  • Boatrides to the brasilian villages of "Palmarí", "San Pedro do Norte" and "Atalaia do Norte", as well as the peruvian villages of "Santa Rita".
  • Boatrides to various interior wetlands, lakes, ox-bow lakes, and other water bodies.
  • Observation of the neo-tropical rain forests and its interaction of flora, fauna and environment from the lodge terrain, the trails marked by the RESERVA NATURAL PALMARÍ organization, the un-marked trails as well as from the boats, kayaks and canoes.
  • Learning and experiencing the manufacturing of rubber (common name "latex" or "chicle").
  • Fun at the "frog-game".
  • Precision and steady pulse with the cross-bow (Allowed only to adults).
  • Exteriour play-area for children.
  • Painting of bottle-corks with flourescent paint for night fishing activities.
  • Imprinting of t-shirts with coloured leaves, coloured barks and similars.
  • Table games as numeric and poker dice, cards, Domino, MasterMind, Backgammon, Micado and various others.
  • Making of tipical handicrafts like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, belts and others from natural fibers, seeds and fruits as well as dried fish scales and wood.
  • Study of the neo-tropical flora and fauna.
  • Shopping of our RESERVA NATURAL PALMARÍ items - according to stock - and/or handicrafts made by neighbouring indigenous and natives from our communal shop inside our visitors centre.
  • Relax in our cotton or indigenous-made fibre hammocks.
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