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 CAIPIRINHA "Palmarinha"
  • 1 liter of CACHAÇA “Ypióca”o “Pirassununga”
  • 40 medium-sized, juicy green lemons
  • 6 ice trays
  • Aprox. 250 grms. of fine-grain, white sugar

1) Crush half of the ice to a size slightly larger than “frapé”

2) Cut half of the lemons into quarts and avoid using the centre part of the lemons

3) Press juice out of the other half of the lemons

4) Pour the crushed ice, the lemon pieces, the lemon juice and the cachaça into a big jar

5) While stirring the mixture add sugar slowly until reaching the desired taste

6) Fill-up with the remaining ice cubes

7) Serve into wide, medium-height glasses and place a wooden spoon into each glass in order to enable the consumer to continue pressing juice from the lemon pieces.

How to obtain sufficient cachaça:
If you live in a country like Colombia, where the selling and import of sugar cane liquor type “cachaça” is prohibited, we recommend you visit and enjoy a stay at the Reserva Natural Palmari and on your return take advantage of the “in-bond tax free” status of Tabatinga and Leticia, as well as the allowance to take 6 bottles of liquor back into Colombia with you as your “personal dosage” and be surprised as of how cheap the liquor in Tabatinga is, where you can find it available in any supermarket.
Other fruits that may replace the lemon:

Orange, mandarine, pineapple (Liquify with a bit of water and sieve prior to adding), star fruit (Liquify with a bit of water and sieve prior to adding), melon, guanabana (Liquify with a bit of water prior to adding) or cupuaçú (Liquify with a bit of water prior to adding).

Other liquors that may replace cachaça:

White rum (“Caipiríssima”)
Vodka (“Caipiroska”)
Pizco (“Caipizquinho”)
Aguardiente (“Hediondinho”)

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