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Sinking water level: Approximately from June until September
Lowest water level: Approximately September
Rising water level: Approximately from September until May
Highest water level: Approximately May
Difference between the lowest and highest water level is of approximately 14 meters


Maximum temperature in the shade: 34° Celsius
Minimum temperature in the shade: 20° Celsius
Maximum temperature in the open: 48° Celsius
Average temperature: Approximately 26° Celsius
Besides the aforementioned, during the months of May and June exists the possibility that the temperatures fall strongly, this due to the winter season in the southern zone of the continent bringing cold air northward. These abrupt changes in temperature last approximately 2 to 3 days and reach a low of approximately 15° Celsius.


The total rainfall averages approximately 3400 millimeters per year
Rainy season: Approximately between January and March
Dry season: Approximately between June and September


The humidity averages approximately 92%

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