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The Amazon Basin is a special destination, which requires special preparation. Again and again we receive calls from interested travelers, who are strongly considering a visit to our Reserva Natural Palmarí or have already decided to do so.
With this link “Frequently asked questions” we want to offer these clients an overview of our offer and try as much as possible to cover the questions regarding all issues in order to inform them appropriately.

Arrival/ Departure:

Which airlines fly to Leticia?

Two different airlines fly to Leticia: The AVIANCA airline (, as well as the LAN - Group (

From which cities is it possible to fly to Leticia?

Leticia can only be approached from Bogotá D.C.

What happens if I miss my flight to Leticia?

If you not reach your flight in Bogotá D.C. in time, you should first get in touch with our office in Bogotá D.C. (Tel: 00-57-1-6103514 / 6103517/2363813). We will re-arrange the booking not causing any additional cost to you.

Getting to the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

There are basically two options to get from the airport in Leticia to the Reserva Natural Palmarí:

Possibility 1:
After landing in Leticia you have to first undertake the official emigration out of Colombia, as well as the official immigration into Brazil, both processes that are not charged for. Therefore you should search in the building of the airport for the "MIGRACIÓN" office and then take a taxi to the Brazilian "POLICIA FEDERAL" office in Tabatinga. After these processes continue with the same taxi until the jetty "La Fera" in Tabatinga, where you buy a ticket for the "Taxi do Río / Catraya", which will forward you down-river on the Amazon and up-river on the Javari to the Benjamin Constant village. (As soon as 9 or 12 Passengers have gathered at the floating ponton of said “Taxi do Rio / Catraya” the boat will leave, reaching Benjamin Constant after approximately 30´/40´ minutes after departure.
Once arrived in Benjamin Constant you go up the road from the floating ponton and choose between three different type of transport to get to the village of Atailaia do Norte: (a) Either you take a motorcycle-taxi or car taxi, which depart immediately upon request, or you decide to travel with one of the VW-buses, which only depart after 6 or 8 passengers have gathered for the transfer leg. Independent of the chosen transport type,  it takes 30´ to 40´ minutes to get to Atailaia do Norte. Reaching the village of Atalaia Do Norte, make sure that the transport conveyance drops you off at "La Fera", the jetty at the “Javari” river, where an employee of the Reserva Natural Palmarí  is already waiting for you and takes you, depending on the water level, within between 45´ minutes and 1° hour 30´minutes, by means of one of our own, private boats to the Reserva Natural Palmarí .

Main offices: Bogotá D. C.:
Grupo Travesías S.A.S.
Cra. 10 # 93-72 (Suburb: Chicó Reservado)      
"Palmarí" Building / Office # 602
Tel: 00-57-1-6103514 / 6103517 / 2363813
Fax: 00-57-1-6348679
Mobil phone:00-57-321-3751869
Bogotá D. C. / Colombia

Main offices: Leticia:
Travel agency "SelvAventura" in the building of the hostel "Casa del Kurupira"
Mobil phone: 00-57-322-5577161
Leticia, Colombia

Possibility 2:
With a little luck, the opportunity could also arise that one of the boats of the Reserva Natural Palmarí takes you directly from Leticia/Tabatinga to our nature reserve. This option, depending of the water levels might take between 3° and 5° hours and costs 150,000 -. COP / 150 – BRR per passenger. If you are interested and want to find out such an option is viable, you must call either our main offices in Bogotá or our main offices in Leticia (see details & style above) and ask about said option.

What are the costs for the transfer from the airport to the Reserva Natural Palmarí and back?

  1. The first taxi, all the way from any site in Leticia to the boat dock in Tabatinga costs 30,000 -. COP/30.- BRR, a price which of course can be divided amongst  the group and up to four passengers per car.
  2. The ticket for the boat from Tabatinga to Benjamin Constant costs 20,000 -. COP / 20 - BRR per traveler, carrying one large piece plus one small piece of luggage.
  3. Option A: The motorcycle taxi from Benjamin Constant to Atalaia do Norte, which transports a passenger with one backpack costs 30,000 - COP /. 30 - BRR.
    Option B: The car taxi from Benjamin Constant to Atalaia do Norte costs 80,000 - COP / 80 - BRR, but of course can be divided amongst up to four passengers.
    Option C: The VW bus from Benjamin Constant to Atalaia do Norte costs per passenger, carrying one large piece plus one small piece of luggage 20,000 - COP / 20. - BRR.
    4) The last boat from the quay in Atalaia do Norte to the Reserva Natural Palmarí  costs 100,000 -. COP / 100 – BRR, price that must be paid at least 24° hours before your arrival at the quay at our local office in Bogotá D.C. or to our administrator in Leticia!
    Be aware about the fact, that these amounts must also be taken into consideration for your route back from the Reserva Natural Palmarí to Leticia!

Who's picking me up at the airport? / How can I identify the staff of the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

One of our employees will receive you at the airport of Leticia. You can recognize him wearing a Palmarí-T-shirt and a sign with our “Pink dolphin” logo; we do NOT await guests with signs holding the guest´s name due to security reasons.

Will I be accompanied/assisted through the various migration processes at the respective authorities?

The staff will pick you up at the airport and will accompany you through these processes at the offices of emigration/ immigration and all the way to the jetty in Tabatinga. From there you probably travel alone, except the given chance that one of our staff is scheduled to go to the visitors centre on the given day. 

How much time does this transfer take?

The time taken from the airport to the Reserva Natural Palmarí  varies depending on water levels. During the high-water season, you should consider 2.5° to 3.5° hours, during the low-water season one can expect 3.5° to 4.5° hours.

Do I need a visa to travel to the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

If you wish to travel to Brazil, it depends on your citizenship, whether you have to apply for a visa. We strongly suggest that you inform yourself through the Brazilian website

What documents must minor youngsters carry with themselves?

Actually only Colombian minors, which do not travel with both parents, have to take additional documents with them. Minors of other nationalities only need their passport and the yellow fever vaccination certification.

At what time do I have to check-out from the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

Generally we do not specify Check-In & -Out times. Furthermore, the departure time from our visitors centre is Leticia is determined by the traveler himself; our visitors centre administrator will suggest a proper departure time, but definite leaving time is the responsibility of our guests. 

Activities / Services:

Which activities are included in the price? Which do not?

The price includes all activities, except the "canopying" (tree-climbing & canopy platform installation) activities, which are offered, quoted and operated under private, foreign management and responsibility.

Which activities may include an increased risk?

The following activities may include an increased risk:
1) The "canopying" (tree-climbing& canopy platform installation) activities;
2) The “extreme trek  -jungle seriously- tours” (Multiple-day hiking & kayaking tours)
3) The “cayman & crocodiles catching” activity, if you insist on doing the catching by yourself;  
4) The “piranha fishing” activity, if you insist on releasing the fish from the hook, or handling the fish, by yourself;
5) The nocturnal activities in the jungle or on the water;

Health / Safety:

What vaccinations do I need to travel to the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

Only the yellow fever vaccination is compulsory and legally required for entering into Brazil.

What security measures offers the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

The Reserva Natural Palmarí employs exclusively local, trained guides and personnel familiar with their jobs, the environment and medical first aid basics. Furthermore we only provide activities that have been developed and tested thoroughly by the team itself, thus guaranteeing your safety to certain extend. We include an accident & health & death insurance with the CHUBB international insurance company in our service packages, covering each and every guest. Since the Reserva Natural Palmarí  is located on brazilian territory, the area is free from any presence of guerrilla or other paramilitary organizations. Moreover, the protection of tourism is a priority for the brazilian authorities, whose security forces show extensive presence through constant patrols on the rivers of the Amazon and Javari.

What arrangements are made in the event that a guest becomes ill?

For smaller health problems, the Reserva Natural Palmarí has a fully stocked first aid kid with all necessary, to the environment adapted equipments and medications to warrant an immediate and proper health assistance. If an emergency scenario arises and professional medical treatment should be necessary, we forward, without delay, through our own fast boat, the relevant guest to the hospital in the nearby town Atalaia do Norte, which provides a flawless, professional, medical centre and treatment through professional medical staff.

Is there a risk of becoming infected by “Malaria / Paludism”?

Basically and all over the world, in all tropical areas, which range between 0 and 1.200 meters above sea level, the risk of becoming infected with Malaria / Paludism is present.

What kind of drugs should I bring to the Reserva Natural Palmarí?

Each guest should bring his own, personal medications. The local population is only allowed to accept medications which are provided by brazilian authorities or authorized medical staff.

Does the service include free medical treatment?

All drugs, which have to be bought outside of the hospital Atalaia Do Norte, must be paid by the patient. The treatment itself is free, as well as all first aid performances and transport to the hospital in Atalaia do Norte.

Visitor Centre / Accommodation:

Who will be my guide? How will he be chosen?

The guides are chosen by our main staff at the visitors centre prior to your arrival.

What languages ​​do the guides speak?

The guides speak Portuguese and Spanish. On request, an english speaking guide from Leticia can be hired at the additional cost of 200,000 COP / 200.-BRR per day, which can be shared amongst the members of your reservation group.

Do the guests have free access to the Internet?

All guests can benefit for free from the wireless, satellite “WiFi/W-Lan” connection of the Reserva Natural Palmarí, but have to bring their own devices to make use of it. Computers are not ​​available for our guests.

What kind of food is served?

We refer you to a link from our website:

Is there a selection/buffet/Are second helpings allowed?

On each table the food will be served on large, main plates and bowls, so each visitor can help himself to any quantity desired but in accordance to the stock of food present at our visitors centre.

Does the meals consider vegetarians?

Of course, we take in consideration vegetarians, moreover, all desires, or any changes in respect to the menu can be discussed and agreed upon with our chef.

Does the customer obtain unlimited sweets and alcohol?

Sweets (Any time) and alcohol (We offer only canned beer, cachaza, caipirinha and dark, brazilian rum, all aforementioned only for adults and only after 15:00°) are delivered in any quantity desired but in accordance to the stock present at the visitors centre.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted on the grounds of the Reserva Natural Palmarí, as well as in the forests.

Are cigarettes sold there?

The  Reserva Natural Palmarí does not sell cigarettes.

Does the Reserva Natural Palmarí provide a possibility to wash clothes?

The Reserva Natural Palmarí offers the opportunity to wash and dry clothes by yourself.

Does the Reserva Natural Palmarí provide a possibility to lock up luggage and valuables safely?

The private lodges are equipped with lockable doors. Visitors, who sleep in the communal “Maloka”, find wooden lockers behind their beds, where they find enough space to accommodate all of their luggage but have to bring their own padlock.

Do I need a padlock?

To properly shut the wooden lockers, it is necessary that bring your own padlock.

What type of accommodation is offered? / Are there single lodges or rooms? / Dormitories?

The Reserva Natural Palmarí offers four different type of accommodation:

  • 3 lodges (private huts), each designed to accommodate 6, 10 or 18 people respectively, each with its own private bath and private terrace;
  • One open “Enramada” (open dorm) for 28 persons, equipped as desired with beds and/or hammocks;
  • One closed  “Maloka” (closed dorm) for 70 persons, equipped as desired with beds and/or hammocks;
  • Hammock-camp in the jungle, exclusively in hammocks and compulsory in the company of one of our guides;

Does the guests sleep in hammocks or in beds?

Your choice: Upon request we provide the visitor a bed (double or single) or a hammock, or both alternately, without regard on the type of accommodation type.

Is camping possible in Reserva Natural Palmarí?

Strongly prohibited! No overnight stay in tents or any other type of resting on the ground is prohibited in the Reserva Natural Palmarí for security reasons related to the animal world.

Cost / Payment:

What are the costs of a trip to Reserva Natural Palmarí?

The price of our package related to private lodging depends on the duration of your stay and on the number of guests comprising your visiting group, all which is quoted exclusively by the sales department staff in Bogotá D.C. The package related to communal accommodation is fixed and determined per night and per visitor. If interested in either package, send us an email with the appropriate information to or

Is there a minimum or maximum length of stay?

The shortest stay allowance considers 4 days and 3 nights, for a maximum stay there is no limit, but brazilian authorities will stamp tourism-entries for a maximum of 90 days.

How and where can I pay my stay, and the other special activities?

The only activity regarded as an extra costs is the “canopying” activity, that has to be paid cash to the independent operator at our visitor’s centre (70.000-COP/ 70.- BRR). The cost regarding lodging, catering, guiding and all other activities must be paid in full before arrival, including the costs for the last transfer leg from Atalaia Do Norte to our visitor’s centre and the same leg back. This is possible by cash or by credit card in our offices in Bogotá D.C., in Leticia, by bank transfer and through Internet payment.

For payment by credit card or from abroad in foreign currencies please write us an e-mail containing your specific paymernt type and we will send you all needed information. We also have a "payment button" on our web-site.

Do I need to consider any additional cost to enjoy the entire package?

As stated, the only activity that you have to understand as excluded from our service package is the "canopying" (tree-climbing) at a rate of 60.000 -. COP / 60.-BRR. This amount must be paid in cash to the independent operator of said activity at the visitor’s centre. Additionally you may want to budget some money to buy souvenirs at our “Cooperativa Artesanal Comunitaria” which offers a variety of local handicrafts produced by our neighbouring communities.

Are there opportunities to buy souvenirs?

The Reserva Natural Palmarí offers the possibility to buy local arts & crafts from our "Cooperativa Artesanal Comunitaria" located in our visitor’s centre.

What currency can be used in the surrounding area?

You can pay with colombian pesos, brazilian reales, and peruvian soles.

What should I bring to the reserve?

Is there any kind of special equipment necessary?

A visit to the Reserva Natural Palmarí does not require any special equipment, but if you are interested in sport fishing, you should bring dsaid specialized equipments, since we do not provide those at your disposal.

What should I bring with regard to clothing, shoes, toiletries, linen and towels?

As to this respect we would ask you to visit our website over the main menu-point "Tips": We also wish to point out, that we use exclusively eco-soap and eco-shampoo in the Reserva Natural Palmarí, which we offer free of charge to our guests and we prohibit all other shampoos and soaps. Toothpaste, repellent (Not containing DDT or being provided in spray cans!) and other have to be brought by the guest has. Towels and linen (for bedding and hammocks) are provided by the Reserva Natural Palmarí. In addition, you should be aware that clothing donations are gratefully received by the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages.

Should I bring any licenses (hunting license, fishing license, etc.)?

If you are undertaking any sport-fishing you have to provide your own gear, tackle and equipment; further, some few units of caught fish may be kept as to be eaten in the fishing camp or served by our kitchen to the specific sport-fishing visitors, all other fish are to returned observing the "catch & immediate release" policy. Hunting in the forests of the Reserva Natural Palmarí  is strictly forbidden!

Organization Reserva Natural Palmarí

Where exactly is the Reserva Natural Palmarí located?

Our site provides good information regarding this question:
The geographical position of our visitors centre is:
4 ° 17 '17'' SUED - 70 º 17' 33'' WEST
Amazon Basin, Javari river

Where is the headquarters of the organization located?

The headquarters of the Reserva Natural Palmarí are located in Bogotá D.C.:

Grupo Travesías S. A. S. / Reserva Natural Palmari Ltda.
Cra. 10 # 93-72 (Neighbourhood: Chicó Reservado)
"Palmari" Building / Office # 602
Tel: 00-57-1-6103514 / 6103517/2363813
Fax: 00-57-1-6348679
Mobile phone: 00-57-310-3213751869
Bogotá D. C. / Colombia

How is the process regarding complaints?

Regarding any complaints please send us an email with the relevant content, which we will process within a week.

Nature / environment of the Reserva Natural Palmarí

When is the region's rainy season/dry season?

The rainy season comprises February to March, the dry season June to October.

Which species of wild life can be observed in the Reserva Natural Palmarí and surrounding area?

Depending on your luck and the animal´s desire to be seen, you can encounter all animal-species listed for the neo-tropical rainforest environment.


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