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The lodges are slightly bigger than the rooms, each having its own private bathroom. The lodges/rooms are generally equiped with one double-bed plus 4 single beds. Each two rooms may be conected through an interiour door. In addition to this, we may accomodate up to 30 hammocks or 18 mattresses in the indigous "Maloka", which includes its own, multiple shower and bathroom facility, or up to 24 hammokcs or 16 mattresses in our "Enramada", which does not hold its own sanitary installation. Eventhough the presence of mosquitoes is reduced, they prefer the borders of the closed neo-tropical rainforest and mostly appear between 16:00° and 19:00° hours, all lodges, rooms and other constructions are fully sealed and we offer "Baking-made" mosquito-nets for each and every bed and hammock.

Each lodge/room carries dark curtains for visitors which prefer to sleep into the day as well as petrol lamps which shed light to the lodges/rooms and bathrooms. The bathrooms are equiped with a shower, a toilet and a handbasin, all rendering fresh, clean water 24 hours a day, and we urge our guests/visitors to only use the bio-degradable soap and shampoo handed out by the staff of the Reserva Natural Palmari at no cost. Each visitor will receive a clean, dry towell and each bed will be fully equiped with a semi-orthopedic matress, one protective sheet for the matress, one pillow per guest plus the full set of sheets and linnen for each bed or hammock. Each lodge offers a small front terrace with a view to the "Javarí" river and the possibility to place a hammock, a table and 2 beach chairs provided by the staff and to be returned, hopefully, clean and dry.

All constructions, rooms, lodges, restaurant and terraces are connected by means of wooden walk-ways covered by palm ceilings, elevated above the ground in order to avoid our guests walking on muddy, slippery and un-even terrain or getting wet.

Our visitors centre is the one in the region that offers the largest and highest watch-tower, its main frame and staircase built very sturdy in concrete; the viewing platform on-top is partially covered by a ceiiling and partially open to the sky allowing to place up to 4 hammocks under the ceiling, as well as two tables and 6 beach chairs in the open; the view over the "Javari" river and all three forest ecosystems - dry "terra firme", semi-flooded "varzea" and flooded "igapo" types of forest - is breathtaking including the possibility to see both sunrise and sunset due to a full 360° panoramic view.

The Reserva Natural Palmari owns a medium-sized power plant (120 V / 50 Hz / 2-flat plug and/or 2-flat-1-round plug) which may be used to charge batteries and electrical appliances, to shed moth-and-insect-free light to the areas of the restaurant and kitchen, as well as to enable an "IP" satelite signal offering the possibility to connect to the "Internet" in our "Wi-Fi" zone free of charge; in addition to this the Reserva Natural Palmari offers a "Comcel" celular phone connectivity from our watch-tower and main terrace without the need of "roaming" and also free of charge and the best phones regarding quality in connectivity are from the brand "Nokia", models # 6020 and # 1112.


Breakfast consists of fresh fruit of the season, bread, "arepas", margarine and marmelades (fresh and imported), as well as eggs according to the desires of each guest, various types of own-made bread, fresh fruit-juices according to season stirred in purified water, pancakes with syrup or fruit marmelades plus coffee and/or tee.

Lunch consists mostly of chicken (imported from Leticia), meat (imported from Leticia being veil, pig, lamb or beef ) or fish (fresh catch of the day) accompanied by rice, potatoes, manioc, beans, ahuyama or other. We will also serve fresh salads and prepared vegetables washed in purified water, also deserts according to the offerings of the season and market, as well as various types of cakes, cookies and other pastry produced in our natural-gas or clay oven.

Dinner will consist mayourly of light, international dishes like various kinds of pasta, mixed rice of various kinds, pizzas and spanish paellas, cold salads combined with cold-cuts and similars. Also, according to the luck of our local fishermen we may offer typical peruvian, colombian or brazilian "ceviches".

Any quantity of coffee, tea, fresh natural well-water and packed purified water will be served as long as the stock lasts as well as fresh fruit juices stirred in fresh natural well water. Canned soft-drinks and/or canned/bottled beer will be served also for free, as long as the stock lasts. Stronger alcoholic beverages can also be optained as long as the stock lasts and are represented by brazilian dark rum and brasilian "cachaza", last which is used to prepare our famous "Palmarinha".

During excursions or entertainment activities on water or on land our guides will offer free of charge cookies, chocolates, cake, fresh fruit, packed purified water, soft-drinks or beer in quantities as long as the stock lasts.

Vegetarians, diabetic guests or other guests that have a special diet or desires regarding their food should inform us in advance in order to give us time to provide our kitchen with the requiered products and modify our menu and recipies in time.

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