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The Reserva Natural Palmari is aware of the need to function as a lighthouse guiding the path towards environmental protection, social responsibility, engagement towards life quality improovement based on environmentally sustainable living conditions and various other policies regarding behaviour, respect towards nature, overall environmental and neighbour management under protective and cooperative parameters. Based on these aspects, the Reserva Natural Palmari is supportive, loyal and expects our clients to respect and observe the following guide-lines:

General guide-lines & policy the Reserva Natural Palmari imposes on its clients:

  • Avoiding, and in case of noticing signs, inmediate reporting to our main administrator and pointing out to him any child pornography and any scenario or promotion related to it.
  • Avoiding, and in case of noticing signs, inmediate reporting to our main administrator and pointing out to him of any scenario or promotion regarding drug consumption.
  • None-usage and prohibiting the use of poluting types of soap, shampoo, insect repellents and other chemical products
  • “Catch & release” sport fishing policy.
  • “Find, observe, respect, learn, leave undisturbed & be amazed, but never disturb & catch” wildlife observation policy.
  • Retrieval of personal waste and garbage prior to leaving
  • Compulsory prohibition to collect, retrieve and/or carry away of any specimen and/or part of it regarding wildlife & vegetation
  • Environmentally protective behaviour during walks and rows under the guidelines of a “leave no trace” policy
  • None-usage of any type of spray cans, products packed under pressurized conditions or any other poluting merchandises

Guide-lines & policy the Reserva Natural Palmari suggests on its clients:

  • Donation of any amount of “environmental tax” regarding the out-turn of carbondioxide into the environment due to using transport conveyances such as airplanes, boats and motor vehicles in order to get to the Reserva Natural Palmari, as described and suggested by various firms acting on behalf of such scenarios, which you can visit and learn about this new way of helping the planet through or in order to make your travelling “carbon dioxide neutral”.
  • Support economically through “Supporter” and/or labourly through “Lend a hand” the PNUD - Billion Tree Campaign – Plant for the Planet - Kajuyalí – Reserva Natural Palmari proyect-initiative “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva ©”) regarding reforestation in areas that suffered selective retrieval of certain species of hard-wood trees and where now this initiative is growing and planting these endangered tree species ( .
  • Donation of old clothing, toys, crayons, pencils, shoes, “hands-free” head-torches and hand-held torches as well as any other used domestic utensil and similar, which the Reserva Natural Palmari could distribute as presents in neighbouring or far-away communities.

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