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The Reserva Natural Palmari is aware of the need to function as a lighthouse guiding the path towards environmental protection, social responsibility, engagement towards life quality improovement based on environmentally sustainable living conditions and various other policies regarding behaviour, respect towards nature, overall environmental and neighbour management under protective and cooperative parameters. Based on these aspects, the Reserva Natural Palmari is supportive, loyal and expects our clients to respect and observe the following guide-lines:

Guide-lines & policy the Reserva Natural Palmari follows as to local authorities and brazilian laws:

  • Follow properly all migrational border regulations as to the entry & exit of our guests into and out of Brazil; point-out any “tourism facility” avoiding these mandatory procedures, this, to be denounced by the Reserva Natural Palmari in order to protect the good name of the region for tourism purposes and the visitor itself
  • Hire and work only with people older than 18 years of age being brazilians or foreigners being older than 18 years of age and holding proper permits for working in Brazil
  • Point-out any activity regarding ilegal logging, poaching and fishing
  • Point-out “tourism facilities” that proceed with ilegal logging, poaching, fishing, hiring minors of age and/or ilegal none-brazilians, using names as “eco-tourism facility”, “nature reserve” and similar as a frame to cover-up their ilegal activities and avoid decent, fair and proper payment to ilegal work-force by semi-extorsion
  • Point-out any missionary work being undertaken without the consent of the aimed-at communities and/or on indigenous tribal land

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