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The Reserva Natural Palmari is aware of the need to function as a lighthouse guiding the path towards environmental protection, social responsibility, engagement towards life quality improovement based on environmentally sustainable living conditions and various other policies regarding behaviour, respect towards nature, overall environmental and neighbour management under protective and cooperative parameters. Based on these aspects, the Reserva Natural Palmari is supportive, loyal and expects our clients to respect and observe the following guide-lines:

Cooperation & joint-venture with other firms & foundations & cooperatives:

  • The Reserva Natural Palmari has direct involvement and holds a seat on the main board of the brazilian Instituto do desenvolvimento socio-ambiental do Vale do Rio Javari – IDSAVJ (, being an “OCIP” (NGO-like “Organisação do Interes Público”) working on behalf of sustainable life improovement and environmental protection regarding the area covering the valleys of the Javari, Itaquaí, Ituí, Quixito rivers and its tributiaries.
  • The Reserva Natural Palmari has constant contact, supports and involves itself with various proyects on behalf of investigative and protection work regarding neo-tropical sweet water mammals through the “Omacha Foundation” (
  • The Reserva Natural Palmari is considered a “base camp” for a huge variety of TV-channels (Discovery Channel, British Broadcasting Corporation - BBC, National Geographic, Deutsche Welle-DWTV, Travel & Living and other) nature filming firms and foundations (Jean Michel Cousteau´s “Ocean Future Society” and other) as well as other organizations interested in spreading environmental protection and life quality improovement based on a sustainable use of natural resources, world wide.

  • The Reserva Natural Palmari is considered a “base camp” for the mayority of agencies and operators specialized on the sector of school class excursions and summer camp organizing firms (f. i. Kajuyalí Camp, OpEPA, Azul Recreativa, Bluefields, TIBAK, Siempre Colombia, OBA, Tourschool, and other) for which the Reserva Natural Palmari promotes and carries out activities related to teaching the kids - through fun & leisure - lessons related to evironmental protection, living in a sustainable manner regarding renewable natural resources, conciousness towards other forms of life management, as well as respect towards indigenous communities, wildlife and many other related topics.

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