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The Reserva Natural Palmari is aware of the need to function as a lighthouse guiding the path towards environmental protection, social responsibility, engagement towards life quality improovement based on environmentally sustainable living conditions and various other policies regarding behaviour, respect towards nature, overall environmental and neighbour management under protective and cooperative parameters. Based on these aspects, the Reserva Natural Palmari is supportive, loyal and expects our clients to respect and observe the following guide-lines:


Guide-lines & policy the Reserva Natural Palmari imposes on itself:

  • The Reserva Natural Palmari maximizes to its ut-most possibilities the rotation of work-force; all members of the staff at the visitors centre are hired locally, the 4 main departments (main administration, catering & supply, rooming & tidyness and activities & main guidance) are rotated on a yearly and half-yearly basis, while all other staff members (assistants to the 4 aforementioned departments, asisting guides, mantainance, gardening, carriers, tool-pushers and other) are rotated on a bi-monthly or even daily basis
  • The Reserva Natural Palmari maximizes to its ut-most possibilities the shopping of local produce regarding catering (fruit, vegetables, manioc, spices, fish, poultry, nuts, palm fruit, natural oils, resins, etc.), mantainance (timber, palm leaves, etc.), transport conveyances (dug-out canoes, repair of long canoes, etc.), materials for the arts & crafts activities, dies for tatooing & painting and many other -Using of none-poluting, envirnomentally clean products regarding soap & shampoo for our clients, as well as all other soap, dish-washing, room-cleaning, floor swapping, linnen-washing and other
  • Production of “compost” involving natural “Bokashi EM ©” in combination with all organic waste from the kitchen, wooden waste from mantainance, vegetation waste from gardening, its final resulting “compost” natural fertilizer is then integrated in the substrate used in the seed-beds of the “Sowing jungle” (“Sembrando Selva ©”) proyect-initiative, as well as to fertilize the crop fields of the neighbouring communities
  • Use of the “live-effective micro-organisms – EM ©” in treating all liquid and solid waste resulting from shovers, basins, toilets, cloth & linnen & towell washing areas, meat & fish & poultry washing & cleaning sinks and other; the mixture of different types of micro-organisms that posess fermentive and bio-active capacity will compete between themselves, creating antagonisms towards patogens and help sustaining a certain natural equilibrium between all micro-organisms that live in the environment, bringing health, well-being and other positive effects to the surrounding bioma
  • Granting free riverine transport to members of neighbouring communities whenever boat transport logistics to and from our visitors centre are planned and the boat-capacity allows it
  • Donation of a certain % in money and/or building materials, as well as direct involvement in improoving life quality of our neighbouring communities by lobbying and gathering the villagers to clean their villages, handle treated waters, use mosquito netting over their beds & hammocks, built and/or repair facilities (bridges, “farinha” houses, water acueducts, septic tanks with sewage systems, spice orchards and other)
  • Organizing and enhancing the possibilities for school class excursions & university field trips focusing mayourly on rendering services which, besides giving the members of these trips fun and leisure, improove their sense of environmental commitment, knowledge of the neo-tropical rainforest bioma and social protective engagement
  • Receive any species of wildlife caught or found by foreigners, members of neighbouring communities or seen being miss-treated; we have it checked veterinarily, re-habilitate it to its natural instincts, feeding and social behaviour habits and then set it free or let it live un-caged in or around our visitors centre to roam free or decide by itself if to leave for good or stay
  • Forbid any inter-accion or relationship of an “afectionate-loving” kind – going seemingly further than a “normal friendship” – between our employed personell and the clients, visitors, guests, tourists, volontaire staff, students and any other -Prohibit decisevly any entry and/or visit and/or stay as well as none-assistance, none-supply of services and/or none-cooperation at all towards any kind of religious missionaries



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