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The Reserva Natural Palmari is aware of the need to function as a lighthouse guiding the path towards environmental protection, social responsibility, engagement towards life quality improovement based on environmentally sustainable living conditions and various other policies regarding behaviour, respect towards nature, overall environmental and neighbour management under protective and cooperative parameters. Based on these aspects, the Reserva Natural Palmari is supportive, loyal and expects our clients to respect and observe the following guide-lines:

Guide-lines & policy the Reserva Natural Palmari imposes on its volontairs & students:

  • All volontairs, thesis students and/or long-term visitors charged on a “backpacker” rate basis have to teach or otherwise enhance the life opportunities of our staff at the visitors centre (f. i. teaching of basic english, environmental protection, sustainable life-style and other), work with and in the neighbouring communities (f. i. teaching environmental protection, sustainable life-style, prevention of disease out-break and spreading, waste & treated water management and other) or propose own proyects and “hands-on” ideas to acomplish during their stay
  • All volontairs, thesis students and/or long-term visitors charged on a “backpacker” rate basis are prohibited to engage in any affectionate personal relationship - of a deeper kind than “friendship” – with any staff member of the visitors centre and/or any member of the neighbouring communities during the period of his/hers stay


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