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(Ingredients found in Colombia/ substitutes in other countries have to be investigated)

  • Alcohol (span. "Alcohol")
  • "Menticol" (span. "Menticol")
  • "Nopikex" soap (span. "jabón Nopikex")
  • Camphor (span. "Alcanfór")
  • 10% "Eurax"(span. "loción Eurax al 10%")
  • "Citronella" liquid essence
  • "Johnson's"oil (span. "aceite Johnson´s")

Put equal amounts of Alcohol and “Menticol” in a blender, along with one bar of “Nopikex” soap, 6 camphor tablets, 30 cc. (aprox. 1 Ounce) Citronella essence and 2 tablespoons of  10% Eurax for each 250 ml. of alcohol/“Menticol”. Mix thoroughly and bottle in a manually working atomizer.
For sensitive/dry/female skin we suggest to add 3 tablespoons of "Johnson's" oil to
the repellent.

How to use it

Before wearing your field clothing  spray the mix all over it. Repeat the operation every 2 or 3 days.
Apply on exposed skin.
Apply on the edges of the bed, hammock and mosquito netting
Apply on insect stings
Apply 10% “Eurax” on the skin zones infested by “coloraditos” (“coloraditos” are tick-like mites, “shiggers” some english speaking people call them)

!!! At the Reserva Natural Palmari repellent products containing DDT, DEET or similar active ingredients are strictly forbidden, as well as in the United States of North America produced repellents! Also any kind of spraycan or other product filled in any kind of presurized can or similar. Such items will be confiscated and not be returned !!!
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