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After decending from your aircraft or leaving your hotel in Leticia you will have to settle your colombian emigration process at the “DAS/MIGRACION” border authority office (No expense charged) at the letician airport, then you hire a taxi to take you to the brazilian “POLICIA FEDERAL” border authority office  on the Avenida da Amizade main road in Tabatinga to settle the brazilian inmigration process (No expense charged), after which you ask the taxi driver to take you to the floating quays at “La Fera” on the river shore of the Amazon river in Tabatinga (COST=LEG A); on the “Taxi do rio” floating quay you buy a ticket to the village of Benjamin Constant, wait there for the total passenger capacity of 9 to 12 passengers to gather and travel with said “taxi do rio – catraya” to Benjamin Constant, leg that will take approximately 30’ (COST=LEG B); after stepping from the “taxi do rio” speedboat in Benjamin Constant you walk up to the paved street where - after mentioning that your are bound to the village of Atalaia do Norte - you will meet various “moto-taxi” leaving when-ever you desire (COST=LEG C1), or you will meet a white VW van leaving when-ever the capacity of 6 or 8 passengers has gathered (COST=LEG C2), or you will meet various private taxis, which you can hire privately or shared with others, leaving when-ever you and the other passengers wish (COST=LEG C3), terrestrial leg taking approximately 40’; upon entering the village of Atalaia do Norte your transport conveyance must take you to “La Fera” neighbouring the shore of the Javari river where, at the end of the paved street or on the floating quay on the river, one uniformed member from our staff of guides or team of pilots will be expecting you – Of course, only given the fact that no later than 24° prior to your departure from Tabatinga you have arranged said receival & pick-up through our main offices in Bogotá D. C. and/or through our main administrator in Leticia/Tabatinga, Mr. EDWIN REALPE (Speaks only spanish & portuguese!) holding the celular telephone: 00-57-314-4683725 (!!!) – to receive your luggage and transfer you to our visitors centre at the Reserva Natural Palmari by one of our boats or “peques” (COST=LEG D), riverine leg that will take between 45’ and 2° depending on the limnological level and the transport conveyance.

  • COST-LEG A: BRR 40.- / COP 40.000.- per taxi (4 passenger capacity = A higher occupation lowers the cost per passenger)
  • COST-LEG B: BRR 20.- / COP 20.000.- per passenger carrying 1 piece of luggage
  • COST-LEG C1: BRR 30.- / COP 30.000.- per moto-taxi = 1 passenger with 1 backpack on his shoulders
  • COST-LEG C2: BRR 20.- / COP 20.000.- per passenger with 1 piece of luggage
  • COST-LEG C3: BRR 80.- / COP 80.000.- per taxi (4 passenger capacity = A higher occupation lowers the cost per passenger)
  • COST-LEG D: BRR 100.- / COP 100.000.- per passenger (Amount that has to be paid previously either together with the reservation and services granted by the Reserva Natural Palmari, or latest to our administrator in Leticia/Tabatinga)
    Remember that the return trip departing from our visitors centre at the Reserva Natural Palmari to any which point on the given route will again demand payment of the same amounts as described
    Rates up-dated on the 1st. of April, 2.015 – rates regarding public transportation may vary without prior notice

IMPORTANT: Regarding the transfer to/from the Reserva Natural Palmari as to acompanying and meeting by our staff at transfer points between Atalaia do Norte and Tabatinga/Leticia can NOT be de facto guaranteed.


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