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The present advantages apply for the region comprising the amazonian triangle of Perú – Colombia – Brasil, which is the area visited by tourism reaching it through the cities of Leticia (Colombia), Tabatinga (Brazil) and Santa Rosa (Perú)

Location of our visitor´s center

It is located on the brazilian shore of the Javari river, it´s huge water flow allows access by river transport means during any time of the year, even in low water season or during heavy droughts.It is the only one built high on “terra firme” forest floor (habitat with very low presence of mosquitoes and other stinging insects), this eco-system being dry, none-flooding terrain all year around, allowing our guests to initiate walks without having to travel by water. It is the only one constructed approximately 10 meters over the year´s highest water level, guaranteeing a 360° breathtaking view over the Javari river, the surrounding jungle and sandy beaches; in addition to this it has the highest watch-tower on top of which it has the largest, semi-roofed, viewing platform.


Visitor´s center

It is the only facility that offers 4 different types of lodging: private lodges, communal lodging in our indigenous “maloka” or typical “enramada” and hammock-camping inside the jungle, further allowing our guests to choose and rotate the various options at wish and/or pick between sleeping in comfortable beds or wide hammocks
It is the only facility offering a watch-tower at about 15 meters above the floor level of our visitor center, bearing comfortable access by a sturdy stair, granting a breathtaking panoramic view of 360° of the jungle, river and beaches. We have a modern, powerful, eco-friendly “Diesel” electricity generating plant with low sound level which assists our guests as to their needs regarding re-charging of cameras, filming equipment, batteries and all similar equipment of personal use. Being the visitor center conveniently located on “terra firme” forest floor, on very high ground over the maximum river level, the entire center connected by wooden walkways above the ground and with an ample lawn area keeping the forest sufficiently away from the living quarters and terraces, we are the visitor center with the lowest presence of mosquitos, “no-see-ums”, “je-jen”, scorpions, venomous reptiles and other similar biting and stinging animal species.

“All inclusive”

We are the only destination, which really quotes, sells and offers an “all inclusive” service, including all transfers, all activities (excluding only the “canopying”, the “specialized sport-fishing” and the “extreme trekking & kayaking” activities), which may be repeated as many times as desired,  all meals, snacks and tour-snacks, all beverages including soft drinks and alcoholic beverages (only for adults) in any quantities, all river transports and it´s required fuel, all needed bed & hammock clothing for lodging at the visitor center or in the jungle, all required equipment for any activity or undertaking, all tours and ventures outside the visitor center (except the land transportation and entry fee to the indigenous “Marubo” villages) and other services.

Personalized & specialized guidance
We are the only destination that provides each groupe with it´s own bi-lingual, individual guide as much as possible in accordance to the specific interests and expectations of said groupe, designing, proposing, planning and executing all activities in a flexible manner, planned day-by-day, bearing in mind climatic conditions, opportunities the natural surrounding environment offers and always in search for the best result for his groupe. We are the only destination that offers local, specialized, personalized guidance, which means rotational guidance hired from the neighbouring communities, trained and instructed to transmit their local knowledge in a general and specific context, guides, which day by day teach our guests, learn from them and mature in their own home environment without being transferred to other working sites like the “park wardens” from the governmental-state park systems or the “hired day work force”, which results in the presence of occasional guiding personnel poorly related to the area and work environment, distant to the specific local knowledge of the zone and the optimal work effort related to the client.
Reality: Cost = client´s satisfaction
In accordance to the findings and results of our inquiries over the past 3 years of the Reserva Natural Palmari history answered by our independent clients, tour-groups, school-class groups, specialized tourism, “backpackers” and various others, we have found, that the Reserva Natural Palmari has statistically obtained the best results regarding the concept equation “cost = client´s satisfaction” compared to all the other destinations in the region.
Multiple-day-undertakings (Trekking / Kayaking / Fishing / Animal observation / Others)
We are the only provider that offers “multiple-day-undertakings” relevant to trekking, kayaking and/or canoeing (or the combination of both the aforementioned), sport fishing, ornithological & animal observation tours and various other.
Water eco-systems
We are the only site that posses all water eco-systems of the neo-tropical rain forest, as they are main river and its tributaries, open lakes, covered lakes, wetlands, marshes and ponds of “white” (muddy & sandy) water, as well as ox-bow lakes, open and covered lakes, wetlands, marshes, ponds and channels connecting these water bodies with the river, all holding “black” (nearly transparent organic) water, plus crystal transparent jungle creeks and streams. We are the only site that offers various beautiful white sandy beaches in immediate vicinity to our visitor center. We are the only destination that offers in the immediate vicinity to our visitor center various natural pools holding crystal, transparent water being home to a huge variety of sweet water ornamental “aquarium” fish species.
Forest eco-systems
We are the only site that offers all three neo-tropical forest eco-systems, as they are “terra firme”, “várzea” and “igapo”, all of them both inside and outside regarding the private reserve´s territory.
Canopy activities
We are the only destination that offers 2 separate canopy platform facilities - managed and served by professional, well trained personnel working with european top-class, certified gear - one facility combining 3 platforms overlooking “terra firme” forest and the other facility consisting of one huge platform overlooking “igapo”, “várzea” forest and wide jungle channel.
“Primary – virgen – pristine” state of our “terra firme” (or) “high – land” forests
It is a basic law and a solid concept accepted by all biologists, that an eco-system or bioma in which certain “key indicator” species are present and confirmed, not only as “passing by guests” but upon confirmation of both adult and immature individuals for terrestrial animals, as well as adult and immature individuals with additional presence of active nesting, is considered as a “primary” forest bioma that contains 100% of wildlife and flora species known and classified for this type of forest eco-system or bioma: regarding the neo-tropical rainforest “terra firmebioma 3 key indicator species are listed: the tapir (Tapirus terrestres) confirmed by over 40 sightings of both adult and immature individuals as well as constant finding of their hoof marks and feces, the jaguar (Panthera onca) confirmed by over 10 sightings of both adult and immature individuals as well as constant finding of their paw marks, territorial claw-scratch and urine marks on tree stems as well as feces and remains from their hunted preys, finally the harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) confirmed by over 25 sightings of both adult and immature individuals as well as the presence of an active nest. Conclusion = We are the only destination that can ascertain “proof in hand” that our forests are to be considered as “primary” and contain 100% of wildlife and flora species known and classified for this type of forests.

We offer “Claro” celular “handy” telephone communication (no “roaming” needed!), reaching the best satelite hook-up connection by “Nokia”  phones of the 1112 and 6020 model, as well as an “IP” satelite connection (allowing “email”, “chat” “skype” and electronic data-transfer through the “Internet”) by means of a wireless “WI-FI / W-LAN” connection.

Ecology and environmental protection
We are the only site that works directly and closely with the neighbouring communities by means of social agreements oriented to improve their quality of life, their economic income, their education, better handling of waste management and residual water treatment, motivate and capacitate the interaction with our guests through guidance, working and living with them, as well as creating projects regarding logistic support to improve health, sanitary and teaching aspects, the creation and handling of wildlife breading stock in order to create sustainable processes that significantly reduce hunting, fishing and logging. We are the only destination that has extended its interest in the region creating agreements with communities and land owners further beyond with the interest to offer our guests the possibility to venture to other places of interest besides the Reserva Natural Palmari. We are the only destination that has signed various agreements with indigenous tribes from the middle and upper Javari and its tributaries, through their members visiting our domains, which have resulted in a reciprocal, deep friendship and trust, merchandising of their handicrafts and produce, as well as improvement of their quality of life in diverse aspects.
Condition of the neo-tropical forest
The Amazon river has suffered on all it´s length, from the foothills of the Andean mountain range to it´s mouth on the Atlantic - and keeps suffering - the strong and relentless impact of chainsaws, hunting rifles and nylon deep-river fishing nets, not respecting and trespassing even today the boundaries of so-called “governmental state park system protected land” or “eco-tourism related protected land”, regions that in fact are ruled by logging, hunting, fishing or other illegal, destructive interests, camouflaged under the “ecological” flag held up by none-caring economic interests and investments; the middle and upper Javari river was closed to the “white man” and his rampaging destruction until recently, then the Reserva Natural Palmari and the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do Javari were created not only for tourist topics, but, in general, to protect this immense region of pristine, virgin forests and sound lakes and to preserve this unique destination of global interest.
Canoeing and Kayaking
We are the only destination that besides local, traditional canoes of various sizes and load capacity, offers the possibility of “kayaking” by means of various professional plastic kayaks
Sport fishing
We are the only site that has paid special effort to teach and train our local staff of guides the style and needs of sport fishing, with the interest, to serve professionally our sport fishing guests, to drive our specialized sport fishing boats according to the sport fisherman´s expectations and to make good use of the various aquatic eco-systems, currents and depths in order to guarantee our guests the best result in their sport fishing efforts We are the only destination that promotes and supports the ecologic sport fishing rule of “catch & release” in the region and we have accounted over 45 different fish species of game fish caught in the various water bodies
Ornithology - Birding

No doubt, the Reserva Natural Palmari has proven to be the #1 destination in the 3-country triangle of Peru, Colombia and Brazil regarding to ornithological topics, this due to various facts: its geographical position on the south side of the Amazon river guarantees presence of austral (southern) migrating bird species that do not cross the Amazon stream; the highest number of endemic species for the region is confirmed; the presence of species which their formerly distributional range did not comprise this area are now confirmed and published as being present; the highest number in bird species is confirmed for our area; set-aside the austral migrating species, passing-by and over-wintering remaining species of the boreal (northern) migrating birds are found here; we provide several local, appropriately trained, well equipped and highly specialized guides relevant to ornithology, which do not only handle common bird names, but also handle scientific bird names and see in the birding activity not only their work task, but their hobby and private interest; presence of an active harpy eagle´s (Harpia harpyja) nest, “key indicator” species and de facto condition confirming a sound “primary” forest condition; continous visits of highly specialized ornithologists, which not only visit us to increase their personal species list but to enhance their personal studies and deepen their investigative tasks regarding a particular family, genus or species of bird; various other details and positive conditions.

Back-channeling of economic surplus
We are the only touristic site in the region that shares a percentage of our yearly economic surplus between all employed and otherwise helping hands that interveined during that ending year; besides that, another percentage is re-invested in new improvements and equipment, in new agreements and support of various topics regarding our neighbouring communities, as well as aiming at the future through the creation of new agreements with further beyond living communities in order to seek for new friendship and mutual cooperation up-river on the Javari or deeper up into the tributaries and a last – but not least – a certain amount is transferred directly to the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do Javari (
European-global organization, administration and quality-control
We are a european-global organization with partners and consultancies in Europe, Asia and North America, with legal and logistical none-profit support coming from multinational organizations interested in the preservation of the environment and the goals set by the Reserva Natural Palmari; this said, it is clear that our services, the attention paid to our clients, the professionalism we seek for in our staff and the results obtained in the sumn of all aforementioned, is constantly scrutinized and being monitored by international standards, high quality expectations and critical control in form and contents.
Environmental protection
We use, and are pioneers for the whole region in the ussage of the EM ©+® (“Effective micro-organisms”) technology created by Dr. Teruo Higa of the Ryukyus University in Okinawa, Japan, which comprises the treatment of waste waters through a continuos and rutinary adding of small portions of these effective micro-organisms obtained from nature, to each handbasin, shower, sink, toilet and any other access to treated water plumbing that leads to the septic tanks; these portions of micro-organisms constitute a “measured and calculated coctail” of organic bacteria and activ yeasts, which sinthezise organic material and liquid residues converting them into aminoacids, nucleic acids, enzymes, sugars and metabolites, all of which promote botanic growth, produce sterilyzing agents that reduce the infeccious impact in the substrate, diminish odours, deterre insects of the mosquitoe, je-jen, flies and sand-flies species, create active hormones and improove the residual organic muds in such a way that the neighbouring communities have confirmed an improovement in the quality of the soil in their plots through the annual ussage of the contents from our septic tanks as bail, with surprising results regarding the average increase in growth and harvest. We provide each guest with ecologic soap and shampoo, which has cero environmental impact, very low froth production and is absorbed highly by the traps and filters residing at the mouths of each of our septic tanks; we prohibit the use of soaps, shampoos, rinses, creams and other none bio-degradable productcs, all which are confiscated and only returned to their owner prior to his leaving from the visitors centre, eventhough we ask all our guests not to bring them in the first place. We use only ecological dish washing soaps, cloth-washing soaps, general cleaning, sweaping and other tidyness products that provide cero impact on the environment, of low froth production and high absortion by the traps and filters residing at the mouths of each septic tank. We invite our guests to only use – and not only whilst being at the Reserva Natural Palmari – our own “PMM – Palmari Magic Mix ©” ( home made insect repellent recipe that carries very low environmental impact and we ask them to avoid using industrial formulas that contain invasive and contaminating agents. We have built septic tanks as to the most recent technical designs, with a filling capacity calculated above the annual average visitors flow and these tanks hold each at its mouth a series of 4 traps and filters which sepparate and reduce the entering mixed liquids; annually these tanks are cleaned and their contents is used as improoved bail by adding it to the soil of the traditional plots “chagras” belonging to the neighbouring communties.
Personal health

We use water produced by a deep well, drilled to a depth that provides water coming from a deeper strata than the local freatic level, thus being highly clean water, not holding any living particles upon which the requested tests undertaken routinely every 6 months have demonstrated that it holds the best quality of all water provided in the region. That said as a definite bonus, we do not stop here, but have implemented the AcuaNova ©+® technology which comprises the installation of 2 filters prior to the tanks providing water to all handbasins, showers and cloths washing basins plus 4 filters installed prior to the fruit, vegetable and meat treating tables, the kitchen, the restaurant and the area where our guests can re-fill their canteens, water bottles and camel-backs; this is also why we do not use factory bottled water. At our visitors centre we have a cupboard filled with first aid medication and equipment, ranging from an Alka-Selzer up to specific polivalent liofilizised snake anti-venom serums according to each species of viper present in the neo-tropical rain forests, aside from combined “anafilactic shock treatment sets”, venoclysis injection systems, professional stretchers and lot of other medications and items that gave birth over the years to the term “Palmari jungle hospital” by our clients that work professionally in the medical field; further, our team of basic and advanced jungle guides receive courses regarding first aid, handling of special and extreme circumstances and periodically receive classes dealing with up-dates and new findings regarding these topics; our attitude and perfectionism in this respect is demonstrated by the fact that the neighbouring communities of the region and other hostels, hotels and conveyances for riverine transport approach our visitors centre in search of medical atention, help and orientation for their personell, guests and clients.

Handling of garbage and solid residues
We have implemented a step-by-step programme regarding solid garbage sepparation and dealing with it, this not only regarding the Reserva Natural Palmari, but also other communities and villages that have signed the environmental protective agreements: a) All solid non-biodegradable waste is packed in bags, not only at the Reserva Natural Palmari, but in each community and village, then consolidated in priorly decided places and a transport conveyance provided and financed by the Reserva Natural Palmari takes care of picking up the bags, transporting them to the town of Atalaia do Norte and delivering all bags to the relevant waste management firm, which - we hope - gives them the recommended final treatment; b) All biodegradable waste of botanic, lifestock or similar origin is consolidated in plastic containers and is delivered to the families of neighbouring communities that hold and breed pigs in order to be used as fodder for this lifestock; c) All biodegradable waste refering to paper, cardboard, wood-pulp aglomerate and similar is burned and the ashes – mixed with dried and crushed eggshells – used as bail for the fruit trees, flower bushes, heliconias and all other ornamental plants growing in and attracting wildlife to our visitors centre.
Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do Javari ©+®

Taking into account the complex policies and presence of authorities always interested in a proper handling inside the brazilian law as to any participative organization related to the local colonist communities, we have searched for alternatives that allow us to act directly in these neighbouring villages towards aspects of live quality improovement based on a sustainable management of the surrounding environment, but in an autonomous and sepparated manner from the Reserva Natural Palmari which allows us to enhance the portafolio of real possibilities and the including of other interested parties; based on said premises we created the idea, designed the policies and internal procedure protocols, located other interested parties on an international level, coughed-up a viable administrative organigramme in accordance to the reality of the region, decided the inmediate and secondary priorities and gave life to the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale de Javari – following the rules of brazilian law as to the conditions surrounding an “NGO”, in Brazil properly named “OCIP – Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público”. This institute – with the funding coming from each and every guest visiting the Reserva Natural Palmari , plus the funding donated by various multi-national firms related to it, plus the fundings from tour & excursion & tourism operating agencies and their clients visiting the Reserva Natural Palmari, plus the direct in situ support of visitors that donate their holliday time helping to push forward any communal proyect and many other of the ut-most diverse inspirations – has created to the present date a participative bond with 5 local communities, which now thrive with new and fully equipped schools, aqueducts, septic waste-water treatment services, bridges and other acomplished proyects regarding communal infra-structure, apart from receiving donations as cloth, books, shoes, torches and other domestic utensils. Further, we search for new proyects, new attitudes and new routines looking to change the daily modus vivendi of the colonists in these associated villages, all based hopefully on simple ideas as the one´s expressed in our proposal “Proyecto: Educación + Dación = Compromiso + Chantaje » Cambio 180°” ( and which indistinctively will guide the communities to live comfortable, rich lives with real possibilities towards a promising future based on a practical platform that will result in a healthy, ecologically protected way, its forests and water bodies used on a sustainable and economically viable scenario without nature loss and presenting us a sound surrounding environment.

Environmental protective communal participative agreements
Various communities have decided to sign with the Reserva Natural Palmari an environmental protective communal participative agreement, through which they receive economic donations from every guest visiting the Reserva Natural Palmari, removal of non-biodegradable waste, support regarding building of communal infrastructure proyects, receival of building and construction materials, donation of cloth, shoes, domestic appliances and other items that are needed to improove their daily live, all free of charge but conditioning them in return to change obsolete, non-ecologic and environmentally invasive routines as to their daily life.
Donation of items, equipment and innovative solutions aplicable to the daily modus vivendi

We firmly believe in the combination of a “good neighbour” policy linked to granting help to our staff, their families and other members of communities interested in substituting invasive and old life routines in exchange for new methologies, as well as demostrating the aforementioned by means of real, participative examples: so, for instance, we provide new “hands-free” head-torches that work on more efficient small, flat batteries and also produce red light which does not attract insects, substituting the old, obsolete, big “hand-held” alumina torches that work on large, highly contaminating batteries, or, another example: we provide them with the items described below and proove to them - by inviting them to join and asist our groups of sport fishermen clients during their fishing excursions – that by fishing with specialized sport fishing gear like rods, reels and industrial lures as used in said sport activity, they can capture in less time more fish, of larger, authorized size – without using invasive nylon nets which highly affect the environment by catching under-sized, young fish, unedible species of fish and drown turtles, dolphines, otters and other species of wildlife that live in simbiosis with the water bodies – and in the same time learn that the tedious and boring responsibility of gathering food for the family-table can be turned into a fun and sport activity that results in a larger catch, optained from the evironment by sustainable, none-invasive means, that even renders more time to be spent otherwise and in time teaches the demonstrated positive aspects to other members of other neighbouring communities, widening the region were these new methods are introduced; we grant these and a lot of other appliances directed to the same main goal without adding transport or other costs, handing them over to the same price they cost us and we always try to aquire them from the primary production factory, at whole-sale prices, always looking for the cheapest price possible in the interest of the communal member and the debit pending will be deducted from the salary in comfortable terms proposed by the final buyer himself and we also invite our clients and guests to bring during their visit items, gear, equipment, cloth, mosquito netting, shoes and other, similar donations which might contribute to this purpose - information as to the requiered items may be found at::

School-class excursions, university field trips and similar
Aiming to offer school-classes, summer-camp, field-trip operators and agencies, as well as schools, universities and other specialized teaching institutions a sound, pristine, clean, diverse and complete destination, a portafolio of activities, inductions, courses and teaching modules designed in a highly variable and multiple manner, the Reserva Natural Palmari has created a variety of specialized, professional products which grant all interested parties the perfect combination between a fun, entertaining adventure excursion consolidated into a field-trip loaded with a condensed academic pensum open to the client´s specific interests and proposals, circling around specifically requested theme-orientated axles, adding to all said distancing the groupe of guests from passive activities like “Facebook”, the “Internet”, “chatting” and “skypeing” as well as from discotheques, bars, TV-sets, cinemas and similar, all of the aforementioned handled, controlled, administrated and monitored by own, highly trained and skilled instructors working as a team with our local staff of guides, maids, cooks, external and internal logistics personnel in a well coordinated, proven and consolidated manner for over more than 8 years of experience. Further, we have created a variety of activities and specialized products which allow the members of these excursions, summer-camps and field guides to get involved and inter-act directly, in a labourly-participative manner, with the neighbouring colonist communities through multiple proyects, events and infra-structure constructions created by the Reserva Natural Palmari and/or the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do Javari supporting and assisting these communities in gaining a better, environmentally sustaineable life quality, reducing the environmental impact and consolidating a policy of a “good neighbour” creating conciousness in the involved students and guests in the process, as well as handing the teaching institutions, the operators and agencies a pro-active, participative status of being a “associated creator”.

Specific academic contents modules to be applied during excursions of educational facilities

Set-aside from the scheme mentioned in the former paragraph, the Reserva Natural Palmari, with the tourism operating agency Grupo Travesias S.A.S.and the coaching company Sabida S.A.S. have created a social-interactive-educational alliance that allows us to offer various new and revolutionizing alternatives regarding the school and university excursions: A specialized product directed towards clients that are in search of and prefer excursions with a very high ingredient of social contents and inter-action with local, traditional communities, product that includes 4 conceptual anthropological and sociological modules, through which all the members of an excursion on a rotational basis teach, learn, work and interact with the villagers of said communities upon a platform of life improvement, sensibilization towards a sound ecological environment, recognition of their needs, creation of work guidelines and similar, all aforementioned separated by blocks according to age, 1 module serving infants, the 2nd. module working with youngsters, the 3rd. module aiming towards parents and the 4th. module dealing with the elderly, all monitored and carried out by specialized therapists, properly certified and holding ample experience, provided by the firm Sabida S.A.S. and with the aim to supply tools that will solve specific problems and create support networks managed by the communal leaders in order to allocate compromises and long lasting continuity resulting in a healthy, ecologically sustaineable future. Another specialized product is aimed at clients that are in search for and prefer excursions with a high academic contents regarding the direct interacting with the natural surroundings of the neo-tropical forests, product that includes specialized modules referring to ornithology, limnology, herpethology, entomology, ictiology, mastozoology and botany, modules that by means of applying technical skills, methodology and professional equipment and gear allow the scholars to catch first impressions and university students to deepen in these faculties, all coordinated by highly trained and specialized university tutors, provided by the agency Grupo Travesias S.A.S., field investigators and well skilled instructors contracted by the Reserva Natural Palmari all working together directly in the natural surroundings and with the species of flora and fauna upon specimens collected on site, obviously and have this established very clear now in respect to the laws that apply to this type of procedures: No collecting, no sampling, no hurting of any species whatsoever irrespective of its origin be it floral, animal or inert kind – everything returns save and sound to its natural origin and students, tutors, instructors and all other involved personnel returns home, to campus or school with only the newly learned and useable knowledge for educational purpose.


Volontairs, university thesis students & scientific researchers
Covered by agreements with various national and international universities, none-governmental organizations, private companies and persons the Reserva Natural Palmari keeps its doors wide open to any volontairs which would like to get involved with our guests, staff or neighbouring communities, university thesis students which need to close their studies by handing-in said thesis proyects, scientific researchers or any other who hold the same interests as the Reserva Natural Palmari, its policies and its principles, all of whom have to participate or in any-which-way get involved, without receiving payment or any other otherwise being remunerated, in one of the proyects or specific tasks that the Reserva Natural Palmari and the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Socioambiental do Vale do Javari are fronting or undertaking in an autonomous or combined manner in one or more of the neighbouring communities.
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