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There are many things that would be very helpful to increase the life-quality of our neighbouring communities; anything immaginable that might satisfy the needs of very poor peasants, fishermen, hunters and gatherers. Maybe you have got some of the following items in your household, which you do not use any more, but would be highly wellcomed by these poor communities:

Basic school books in spanish, english and/or portuguese
Water paint, crayons, pencils and other school related materials
Clothing, hats and caps
Rubber boots and any other type of shoes
Children toys
Fishing gear

The following list relates to equipments related to the scientific investigations undertaken by the Reserva Natural Palmari and which may lie forgotten in some corner of your attic with no use for you, but which could be highly usefull to us:

Spotting Scope
Desktop computer
Hand-held GPS navigation equipment
Solar power plant
Flashlight (especially head-mounted)
Butterfly & birding mist nets
Outboard engine (both electrical and/or fueled)
Medical kit
Venom aspirator
VHS and DVD recorder (NTSC system)
Motorcycle, boat, car and/or truck batteries
Kayak, canoe and oars
Climbing gear, ropes and similar

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