The present advantages apply for the region comprising the amazonian triangle of Perú – Colombia – Brasil, which is the area visited by tourism reaching it through the cities of Leticia (Colombia), Tabatinga (Brazil) and Santa Rosa (Perú).

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Location of our visitor´s center

It is located on the brazilian shore of the Javari river, it´s huge water flow allowing access by river transport conveyances during any time of the year, even in low water season or during heavy droughts. It is the only one built at about 10 meters of height above the maximum high water level known on “terra firme” forest floor (habitat with very low presence of mosquitoes and other stinging insects), this eco-system being dry, none-flooding terrain all year around, allowing our guests to initiate walks without having to travel by water first, but both other forest types "varzea" and "igapó" also being present and very close to our visitors centre, hence our destination being the only one in the region offering all forest types related to the neo-tropical rainforests.

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